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Muster Wheel Cover PRE-ORDER

Muster Wheel Cover PRE-ORDER

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Pre-order closes 24/07/2024

195R14 (up to 670mm diameter) - Small
235/75R15 (up to 735mm diameter) - Medium
245/75R16 (up to 775mm diameter) - Medium/Large
265/75R16 (up to 805mm diameter) - Large
285/75R16 (up to 835mm diameter) - Extra Large

Please note: Postage is not available with these orders.

All orders must be collected from the official Gympie Music Muster Merchandise Store from August 22, 2024.

To determine your wheel size, start by finding a series of 9 letters and numbers on the side of your tire that begins with the letter "P". At the end of this series, you will see the letter "R" followed by 2 numbers. These last two numbers are your hubcap or wheel size.


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